Thank you for your interest in Mentoring M.A.D.E. Men!
Mentoring M.A.D.E. Men is a part of the new national movement called Contribution To Change. Mentoring M.A.D.E. Men is recognized under IRS section 501(c)3 regulations as a non profit youth empowerment outreach program. Focusing on the enhancement of children's strengths Mentoring M.A.D.E. Men promotes the development of positive self-definition in young men. We also instill a sense of responsibility to volunteering and community service to all program participants. Lastly, through our youth mentoring component we provide participants with exposure to opportunities and experiences.
Our purpose as a youth empowerment program is to focus on the successful mental, social, emotional and spiritual development of at-risk adolescent minority males from a variety of backgrounds. We aim to achieve this goal by developing Mature, Articulate, Dedicated and Educated Men through mentoring.
We aspire to strengthen each young man's confidence and joy within himself through empowerment and stronger social and ethnic identity.  We strive to build strong, intelligent, hard-working young men of character, integrity and pride. In our mission to focus on positive youth development we incorporate the six 'C'S which are:
  1. Character
  2. Confidence
  3. Connection
  4. Competence in academics, social & vocational arenas
  5. Caring & Compassion
  6. Contribution
Developed as a year-round behavior modification, youth empowerment and mentoring program for adolescent minority males in the metro Atlanta area Mentoring M.A.D.E. Men is committed to bringing about change in today's world, starting with the youth.
If you desire to support our purpose, mission, and goal and would like to provide any type of assistance to us in our aim to begin developing our young males into strong men Click on the donate button below.
The Slave and the Maste
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